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I'm Sideqi, and I crafted these tote bags in Cologne which is a limited collection of Tote bags. They feature three crochet pockets on the outside – a big open one which i put my phone in it, a smaller zip pocket(mines is full of coins), and another with two small holes (generally i put my two pens there but sometime i also put my cigarettes) and one bigger hole(AirPods or my glass).


What sets these bags apart is that you get to choose the colors of the crochet pockets according to your preferences. The bag itself will be made in two colors: black and offwhite and the inner fabric will be shown to you before we start sewing it. Additionally, I made them in two sizes, S and M. It's a simple story of a practical bag with a personal touch – you make it uniquely yours by picking the crochet colors you love.

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